Hydnophytum Puffii

Hydnophytum Puffii

An Arium FAVORITE. Commonly refereed to as an "Ant Plant," this fat caudex epiphytic species is native to Indonesia. The large caudex has a rough texture and hairlike stems covering the entire surface! It is almost porous with small pathways through it's caudex. This is to provide shelter for ants, which are their pollinators in the wild. An amazing symbiotic relationship!


These will need a bright filtered light to do well. They can even handle some direct sun! Since they are accustomed to growing in debris or directly on trees, they do not like to dry out. Water lightly when the top inch or so is dry to keep the pot slightly moist. When repotting, these would do best in something that would be moisture retentive like an orchid bark or sphagnum.

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