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Est. 2017

We are a houseplant shop based out of Portland, OR.

Owners: Tylor Rogers // Anthony Sanchez

In Latin Arium means "a space or vessel that contains something."

Our interpretation of the word Arium, a wonderful jungle for the community and plant lovers to come and feel at home free of judgement. 

We initially started Arium as a means of taking unusual plants and implementing them in homes and design. We firmly believe there is a plant out there for everyone. We have created a space free of judgment especially when learning about plants, that means no question is invalid or illegitimate. Like us, we all started somewhere. Our space is a welcoming place for learning and geeking out about plants. We are proud to be a space for everyone, from beginners all the way to avid collectors.

We focus on supporting local and national makers! Without small businesses and makers this creative flow & community will cease. Arium supports a plethora of ceramicists & makers year round to stray away from mass produced items.

We're a queer, latinx, and vegan owned business.

We happily welcome all sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, and races. You’re safe here. 



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