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Consolea rubescens “Roadkill”

Consolea rubescens “Roadkill”

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Consolea rubescens is a really intriguing species as it literally looks like it got ran over. We sometimes will call them hash browns as well! This special plant is native to parts of Florida and the Caribbean.


Bright indirect light to direct sun will be best for a cacti such as this one. They will not do well in lower light conditions! We recommend watering roughly every 2 weeks as the soil is dry during the spring and summer. You can cut back watering during the winter as it will go slightly dormant. This plant will actually get a bit flexible when in need of water!  When repotting, use a coarse cacti soil medium.

All of our plants are ethically sourced from certified U.S. nurseries. We strongly condemn the poaching of plants or wild collection.