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We're so excited to finally offer seed grown Anthurium vittarifolium! Anthurium vittarifolium is an unusual pendant anthurium, which means it has very long and narrow leaves. In their natural habitats, their leaves can reach up to 6.5 ft long! Though it may not get 6.5 ft long in a home setting, they will still grow a significant amount in length. Anthurium vittarifolium is native to South America. 


These are going to thrive in bright filtered to medium light, avoid direct sunlight. They appreciate nice humidity levels (55%+). This would do best in a semi-coarse potting medium and go roughly 2" dry on the top of the soil before watering. Ideally watering at least once every 7 days. We grow all of ours in a chunky mix and have had amazing results! 

All of our plants are ethically sourced from certified U.S. nurseries. We strongly condemn the poaching of plants or wild collection.