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Hoya carnosa compacta

Hoya carnosa compacta

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Hoyas are one of the most interesting and satisfying plants to grow. Hoyas are known for their thick waxy foliage and fragrant flowers (known as peduncles). This cultivar is an odd version of the species Hoya carnosa. Known for is compacted foliage, its commonly referred to as the rope Hoya given when the vines get rather long it can appear to look like strands of rope. 


Hoyas love bright light around 2-3 hours of direct sun but not all day sun. Usually they will thrive in an East or West window or off to the side of a South window. You need to let Hoyas be in well draining mixes and let dry about half way, watering usually every 12ish days. You can just add some perlite, bark, and charcoal.


All of our plants are ethically sourced from certified U.S. nurseries. We strongly condemn the poaching of plants or wild collection.