Scindapsus treubii (Dark Form) 4"
Scindapsus Treubii

Scindapsus treubii (Dark Form) 4"

Scindapsus treubii

While recently attending an aroid conference, it's come to our attention that this plant is extremely rare. The director of the botanical garden stated how they only have two in cultivation. This is a conservatory grade specimen that is a must have for any collector of rare aroids. This is the dark form, with almost black, shiny leaves. There isn't much published on this Thai species, we are currently growing ours on a totem to get more mature leaves. Then we discovered they eventually shingle but the leave size doesn't exceed 4-5 inches in length. A really beautiful specimen. Plants ship in 4" pots with moss pole. 


Like most aroids they prefer a more coarse airy soil mix. We recommend watering when the first 1-2 inches of soil is dry. They like indirect like these are naturally shade grown plants.