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Oncidium cv. "Gold Dust" Mount

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We are absolutely smitten by miniature orchids! This hybrid has very fragrant blooms and can usually bloom roughly twice a year. They are white and sometimes almost peachy flowers!

*All mounts are made in bud, no flowers have bloomed yet*

All the cork pieces measure roughly 9" x 4".


Mounts are great ways to grow your plant as they can mimic epiphytic conditions that plants would normally experience in their natural habitats. When it comes time to water you can either soak the moss on the mount for 10-15 minutes in body of water or run it under a faucet in short bursts until the moss feels fully re-hydrated and has a sponge-like texture. 

Orchids such as the Oncidium will like a bright indirect light (they will not flower in lower light conditions!). They will also like warmer spring and summer conditions to encourage blooming. We recommend watering once the moss starts to feel a little crunchy, which may roughly be about every 7-10 days. You will want to cut back your watering in the colder months and let orchids go slightly dryer. When the blooming period is over, be sure to leave the existing spike in tact rather than cutting it off as it will re-bloom easier next season!

All of our plants are ethically sourced from certified U.S. nurseries. We strongly condemn the poaching of plants or wild collection.