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Learn to grow your tropical houseplants to their full potential with an all inclusive moss pole workshop! Most aroids suchs as Philodendron, Monstera, Syngonium, and many more, naturally grow upwards upon trees in their natural habitats. This provides them the support and space they need to mature and flourish while trying to reach the sunlight from underneath the tropical canopy. We can emulate these growing conditions by giving plants a sphagnum based moss pole that it's aerial roots can attach to. This workshop will show you how to create these poles and take home the one you finished. Workshop includes materials and instruction on building a moss pole with the choice of 2ft or 3ft. Plant and pot not included.

This workshop will be hosted at our shop, home in Portland, Oregon.

Address: 2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Portland OR 97212

***Proof of vaccination for Covid-19 is required to attend workshops.*** 

Please reply to your order confirmation email with vaccination card matching the information used at checkout within 48 hours.

Once confirmed, all workshop sales are final.