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Monstera dubia

Monstera dubia

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This shingling Monstera species is native to Central & South America. When juvenile, it's leaves have no fenestration and just has splashes of silver. Once matured, they can grow fenestration like other Monsteras, but they usually will only do this in their natural habitat where they have the space to grow MASSIVE. Though they do still require a surface to grow up!


If you are familiar with deliciosa or adansonii care, this one will be a breeze! These like a bright filtered light with no direct sun. When re-potting use a semi-coarse soil medium. They can usually go about 2-3" dry from the top of the soil before needing a good watering. For best results, give these a broad surface to climb and for the foliage to lay flat against. A cedar board or moss pole would work wonders!

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