Calathea vittata Kokedama (苔玉)

Calathea vittata Kokedama (苔玉)

Kokedama is a method of bonsai originating in Japan. It compacts the roots of a plant and encases them in moss.

Calathea are truly fascinating and boast wildly bright and intricate foliage. Calathea ornata is known for its pink pin-striping while this new cultivar "Calathea vittata/elliptica" introduced just last year has super bright white striping with a deep green leaf to contrast. These kokedama are roughly 4" in diameter.


Water every 7-10 weeks as the moss on the kokedama feels very dry. To water, either rest them in a dish of water or submerge them in a bucket for roughly 10-15 minutes until the moss feels hydrated and spongey. Provide strong filtered light to direct sun.