Plant Archive

A catalog of plants we have had in Arium past. A handy reference for care instructions!

Philodendron "Prince of Orange"

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A really easy going Philodendron hybrid with bright orange foliage when it is forming. This variety is self heading, meaning the foliage will grow in center rather than off of a central vine. While...

Pilocereus azureus


We love this cactus for its amazing shade of azure and lightly golden spines. It keeps this gorgeous color as it matures though can be a bit of a slow...

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma


A beautiful Asian aroid with a unique fenestration leaf structure showcased in a bright light green color. These are incredible growers. Given the proper care they can definitely take over...

Spathiphyllum 'Domino'


An amazing cultivar of a classic houseplant! We are swooning over the beautiful white variegation. The leaves also tend to be a bit more narrow than standard Spathiphyllum varieties. They...

Three 2" Cacti Assortment

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These adorable 2" cacti come in an assortment of three. Due to the nature of each unique cacti and varying inventory per species we are not accepting custom assortments. If...

Tradescantia nanouk

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This tradescantia hybrid is one of the easiest to grow! Their foliage practically sparkles under light! This compact grower spreads along the ground very easily before growing tall vines. They...