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Strelitzia nicolai "Bird of Paradise" *Local Pickup Only*

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Beautiful easy going plants usually coming in around 4-5 feet tall! In the wild, the leaves are made to tear at the veins as to create passage for strong winds as to not break the whole leaf. Named the "Bird of Paradise" for the incredibly unique flower that looks like an exotic bird! Though it is more closely related to bananasĀ than it isĀ a bird.Ā 


These need a bright indirect light. They do not do well in a lower light space. They can go slightly dry in the pot between waterings, but not all the way.Ā This may beĀ every 10-12 days. When repotting, use a semi-coarse or chunky soil medium.


10" width growers pot - 3.5FT tall from the ground

12" width growers pot - 4.5FT tall from the ground