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Moss Pole Workshop
Moss Pole Workshop

Moss Pole Workshop

Learn to grow your tropical houseplants to their full potential with an all inclusive moss pole workshop. Drinks provided. <3

Naturally, most aroids (aka Philodendron, Monstera, Syngonium, and etc.) love being given a tree to grow upon to mature and flourish while trying to reach the sunlight from underneath the tropical canopy. We can emulate these growing conditions by giving an aroid a sphagnum moss pole that it's aerial roots can attach to. This workshop will show you how to create these poles and take home the one you finished. 

Workshop price includes materials and instruction on building a moss pole with the choice of 2ft or 3ft. Plant and pot not included. 

Workshops are held at our Portland shop 2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Portland, OR 97212. We will have a selection of tropical plants for purchase at our shop as well.