Euphorbia trigona "rubra"

Euphorbia trigona "rubra"


An African species of Euphorbia. When exposed to ample sun, these euphorbia tan with a dark red color. Sometimes referred to as a "Milk Tree" due to the white sap that is inside it.

PLEASE NOTE THESE THE SAP IS HIGHLY TOXIC. Do not snag one of these if your pet is a known chewer.


Euphorbia in general need bright filtered light and or direct sun. When repotting use a very coarse soil medium/cacti soil. Water roughly every 3 weeks in the spring and summer and cut back watering to once a month in the fall and winter. The goal is not over watering but just because it's an arid growing plant does not mean never watering then. Underwatering can be equally detrimental to the plants root systems. 

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