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A truly incredible velvety hybrid between A. crystallinum and A. magnificum. This cultivar can get the large defined leaves of magnificum with the shimmering veining of crystallinum. The best of both worlds! Because this batch is seed grown, that means every single plant will have unique gene expression in their phenotype! No two plants from this batch will ever look the same as they mature.

*DISCLAIMER* Due to the nature of this plant, it may have minor cosmetic damage or acclimating leaves upon arrival due to transit. Please be aware that does not affect the overall health of the plant! If you experience any issues with your plant we are always happy to help. Do not hesitate to reach out!


These Anthurium will do best in a bright filtered light. It is important to avoid any sort of direct sun as it can easily burn foliage! They prefer a warm humid environment to truly thrive though it is good to avoid any direct draft as well. Water when the soil is 2" dry from the top. This may roughly be 7-10 days depending on your home environment. When repotting use a semi-coarse and chunky soil that will drain water well. This can be achieved by adding extra amendments such as kiwi/orchid bark and horticultural charcoal!

All of our plants are ethically sourced from certified U.S. nurseries. We strongly condemn the poaching of plants or wild collection.